The Hoy Polloy

Enter Polloy...

      The Hoy Polloy was conceived by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist K Sos back in the summer of 2012. The purpose lies within its' own name; "Hoi Polloi" is of Greek origin and translates to, "the masses". It was decided from the very start that this concept would not be bound by any genre specifications and it will be 100% reflective of the musicians within.

"Please the masses, making music for the masses, live and perform for the masses."

       His ability to cross many genre boundaries inspired him, along with Nick Romanelli (owner of Romanelli Recordings LLC) to create this debut experiment that touches on everything from blues, psychedelic rock, soulful ballads and hip hop madness!  Titled: On the Way to Rome                                    

      Eager to bring The Hoy Polloy to the stage K Sos picked up the bass guitar for the first time in 2012 and enlisted Panther to play drums for the live experience. Somewhere in early 2013 the trio asked good friend Frankie Padilla if he would play keys to fill in some of the gaps in the bands extensively instrument heavy album. They began practicing as a quad and by May were ready for their first show. After five shows at local Miami venues like Jazid and Churchill's, Roman decided to leave the group as a performing member. The other three began their search for a new guitar player. July's fateful post on Craigslist brought us guitarist Juan "La Mano" Lameiro. After three months of intense practices, The Hoy re-debuted at their home spot Jazid in South Beach on September 25th, 2013. The band cut to the chase and began recording their systematic series of EP Album Releases; with each album corresponding to each of their animal associates...

The Panther  The Parrot  

The Ferret  The Frog

      Beginning the tale of this destined path is their debut EP "DANCING WITH THE PANTHER" (2014) recorded at Cardinal Studios with Roman as engineer for the album. This album highlights the great Panther on the throne. Driven punk intergalactic chases, rockabilly cowboys, and a bunch of little vandals parading around best describes this series of tracks. +Bang Bang Bang+

     The band, without hesitation, continued to write new songs throughout the recording process of "DWTP". Frankie emerging into his role within the band could not resist spewing out catchy new melodies and the expansive realm of sounds with the keys at his fingertips. Subsequently, the follow up EP "FERRET WINTER" (2015) exactly one year after their debut made the shelves. With the brilliance of Roman Recordings LLC., the band was able to capture their multi-genre sound into a masterful production.

     Preparations were made to ensure that the 3rd installment would be yet another milestone for the band. As fate would have it the next album EP "PARROT AIRWAYS" (2016) would encompass all of La Mano's spirit, from a wide vocal range to a magnificent display of guitar craftsmanship, and even a spotlight playing bass as well. The songs jump with excitement and wonderment. Recorded and mastered at the legendary, world renowned studio, grandest mac daddy of the southeast country, The Hit Factory Criteria Miami (produced & engineered by Sam Allison). The most surreal part of this album is that the Parrot and Producer Sam were born and raised from the same small town of Puerto Rico! And the last EP? Well all good tales end with a twist... and with a Prince. 

Music Videos: "King" from Dancing with the Panther

                        "Houdini" & "Centerfold" from Ferret Winter

     With the conclusion of the Parrot Airways Tour  (Summer 2016), The Hoy Polloy had to bid their farewell to the founding drummer Panther. Panther would carry on to pursue his fashion project PumpkinHeartMia for the lovely rebels of South Florida and beyond. In lieu of an absent drummer, guitarist La Mano chose to lift the white flag and fell into a realm of obscurity and cavernicolous tendencies. Not phased by change for its known to be inevitable, The Ferret and The Frog poured their hearts into brand new songs. Beautiful new songs that were strong enough to give courage while the two searched for the missing pieces. As the old wise men dictate: Where hard work meets opportunity lies LUCK. The Hoy Polloy got lucky when they went to Churchills and surely by chance run right into the 3-eyed-Raven which in turn would lead to the Iguana and without a hitch the band has reformed and carried out numerous shows from Words & Wine to Florida Panthers games at the BB&T Center. They would eventually be a crucial element in completing the newest album to come "Bye Bye Bogota" 

Stay Tuned!


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The Toad: [K Sos] - Vocals/Bass/Saxophone/Keys

"From the white sand beaches of clearwater, FL., a star was born. Clap for em"

  • 2011 - Present
  • Albums: On the Way to Rome; Dancing with the Panther; Ferret Winter; & Parrot Airways

The Panther: [Panther] - Drums/Harmonica/Guitar/Vocals

"Hailing from the depths of New Jersey"

  • 2012 - 2016
  • Albums: Dancing with the Panther; Ferret Winter; & Parrot Airways

The Ferret: [Frankie] - Keys/Bass

"I'm just a humble keyboard player from Miami, FL."
  • 2013 - Present
  • Albums: Dancing with the Panther; Ferret Winter; & Parrot Airways

The Parrot: [La Mano] - Guitar/Vocals/Percussion

"I flew in from Mayaguez, PR., the isla del encanto."

  • 2013 - 2016
  • Albums: Dancing with the Panther; Ferret Winter; & Parrot Airways

The Raven: [Adam Leifson] - Guitarist

"I've been flying around Miami, FL. since i left the ground"

  • 2016 - Present
  • Albums: (Bye Bye Bogota 2017)

The Iguana: [Alex Blue] - Drums

"Straight from the city of Angels, Los Angeles, CA. Grooving with the rhythm in his soul."

  • 2016 - Present
  • Albums: (Bye Bye Bogota 2017)